The Importance of Doing Less

Some of the best work advice I ever received wasn’t work advice at all. It was basketball advice. A couple years ago a friend and former university basketball player joined my recreational team for a game when we were short on players. The next day I asked him for tips on how I could improve my game. To be clear, I love basketball, but am not particularly good at it. My enthusiasm for the game, and my limited understanding of how to play it, both manifest themselves in the same way. Here’s how — in any given shift I am in constant, usually rudderless, motion. I run around the court banging into people (opponents and teammates alike) in an effort to, if nothing else, seem like I’m trying really hard. So when I asked my friend if there was anything I could do to improve my game, he thought for a moment, then looked at me and said two words… “Do less”.

Storyteller, problem solver, bon vivant. Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy Toronto. @thomaskenny